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74 Charger

I am a member of MICHIGAN MOPAR MUSCLE. I won a 727 that i plane on putting in my Charger this winter

11 weeks ago
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74 Charger

I just replaced the stock 8 3/4 for a 68 b-body 8 3/4 which is 2 inches shorter. It took some work but i managed to get it done.r

11 weeks ago
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i,m back missed everyone, check out the v8 bmw replacement, 1972 olds cutlass, bringing her home this weekend , yahoo

16 weeks ago
Jon Cusic

(a 1994 Geo Metro) its a 3cyl 5spd manual front wheel drive and i been updating it best i can i put high end oil (Royal Purple syn 10/30)

17 weeks ago
Jon Cusic

find my pictures at @crusiknights at intsagram

17 weeks ago
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yellow 1935 chevy

@tree Hi Tree, just looking at favorites. Here I am. Nice Deco Truck.

19 weeks ago
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My pulltruck is my life long project. Appropriately named addiction.

21 weeks ago
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Progress pics of "Addey" the '46 Art Deco truck are up. Hope everyone is doin well. I've been puttin in the hours y'all. God bless.

23 weeks ago
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hippys 440

MY truck will have to be redone when I get back on my feet. I did fire it up last week and run it down the road in front of my house.

23 weeks ago

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