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  • Interior work (image)

    After the swap from 6sp to automatic I had to do something with the extra hole in the floor, so i got some sheet metal and riveted and sealed it in. then the lovely new slate carpet.

  • The converter (image)

    The RevMax tripple disc converter which seems to be great. And yes thats on the kitchen counter, im sure my wife appreciated it.

  • 47re Build (image)

    Since I got tired of the NV5600 6sp not holding up, I decided to build a Dodge 47re.  A buddy of mine and I built this in the garage. Billet input shaft, Alto reds with Kolene steels, Ridgid band upgrade, billet billet servos, billet accumalator , Heavy duty band strut and lever, Transgo Shift kit, and a  LPW deep sump pan. Just to name a few upgrades.

  • NV5600 Died (image)

    This is my Cummins not to long ago in the middle of some surgeryCool

  • New parts (image)