What my 1942 17' Century Sea Maid will look like when done.

I bought my 1942 Century 17' Sea Maid about 8 yrs ago. it was considered a gray boat in other word ready for the burn pile. Century only made 43 of these boats with only 12 know to remain so i had to save it. So far I have replaced the bottom including new battens, new sides,new transom,new stern, new bow, new keel, as well as all of the inside. the engine is a Gray Marine 226 cid w/dual updraft carbs.

The neat part is i am also building a 1955 F100 with a full tilt frt end,volare frt end,396 che w/TH400. electric windows,shaved latches,frenced ant, and oak bed to pull the boat.

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i like you have been building cars sence i was 14, i am now 60. The 1955 F100 that will pull this boat is a going to my grandson when he turns 15. he now 2 so Papa gets to enjoy it until then. over the weekend i was at a local boat marina here in Great Falls,Mt picking up a piece of exhaust tub for the Sea Maid. as i was leaving the owner asked what i was working on and i replied a 1942 Century Sea Maid. he continued to ask if i would be willing to have a one boat display at his annual new boat show. he also asked if i would be present to share with people all of the boats info and detailed restoration. all i can say is it sure makes one want to get it finished. i will start the staining and varnish (about 25 coats) starting in April 2011. it is to bab the site will only let you post one picture?