The V8 Interceptor

The idea for the V8 Interceptor has been bangin’ around in my head for a number of years, just waiting for a chance to get out. I have always loved the early Mercury Cougars and figured I wasn’t the only one, so I knew that people would want to see a high performance street machine project that wasn’t just the typical early Mustang or Camaro. I also wanted the feel and direction of the buildup to be based around the natural mystique of the Cougar. These cars with their hidden headlights and sequential taillights were always very sinister and menacing looking on the street, very much like a smaller coupe version of the legendary 68-70 Dodge Charger. When you add to that the fact that a four-footed Cougar is one of nature’s most perfect natual “interceptors”, you’ve got the basis for a great project. I mean, in the wild a Cougar will chase down a Mustang or Firebird, or Impala and eat it!....... is that a great visual for a hot street predator or what!?!

But it didn’t just stop there. Calling a project “the V8 Interceptor” takes a lot of balls, because you’ve got to be able to back that name up, just as the legendary Mad Max car did years ago. So I definitely wanted to add in a little flavor of the original Mad Max car, but also step beyond that and build a car that nobody has really considered or visualized yet. This is, of course, is one of the main purposes and goals of GEARZ. To encourage people to think beyond the boundaries, and limits that they already know and see, and get really creative when they are building their projects. Just because you have a Chevelle or Roadrunner doesn’t mean you have to build an SS or 440 six pack clone. There are SO many other things that you can do to these cars to make them different and up-to-date without destroying the original magic of the car. And if you take your time and do it right, you’ll probably end up with a car that is more valuable and definitely more cool then just another clone, and the idea behind the V8 Interceptor is to prove that point.

The center piece of this project is the incredible Boss Nine engine I am using from Jon Kaase Racing. From the outside this thing looks just like the legendary Boss 429 but this is 520 cubic inches of Ford Hemi that is twisting the dyno at just under 800hp and an astounding 700ft/lbs of torque! Mash the throttle on this thing, and all that torque could affect the Earth’s rotation! Topping it off will be a custom Hilborne 8-stack injection that is going to stick up thru the hood with ram tubes going all different directions. Intimidating???...... you bet!

Backing that up is the new Magnum 6spd tranny from Tremec that is designed to handle that kind of power, and an entire clutch and driveshaft system from American Powertrain.

The only way an engine this size will fit in an early Ford is if you remove the shock towers, and using a kit from Total Cost Involved we did just that. We removed the shock towers and installed TCI’s state of the art independent front suspension that includes a complete subframe assembly to stiffen the unibody. A TCI rear torque arm suspension will do it’s best to plant all that power to the ground and pulling everything to a stop are are Wilwood 13” rotors and 6 piston calipers in front, and 4 piston calipers in rear. The rearend is the massive Fab 9 nine inch Ford from Currie Enterprises and it’s packing a tru-trac posi and forged 31 spline axles.

To bring the original interior and body back to life, we hooked up with the Cougar specialists at West Coast Classic Cougar for things like upholstery, weatherstripping, sheetmetal, etc, and for any Mustang parts we may incorporate into the project we have been using Mustangs unlimited, Year One, and other suppliers.

Of course this is just the tip of the iceburg on this project, but hopefully you get the idea. So what am I going to do with the car when it’s done? Well……… the plans are definitely to run road courses and other racing events like the Maxton Monster Mile…….Blast it down the drag strip from time to time…….Drive it across country on events like Power tour and hit some shows like SEMA so people can get a good look at it……and at some point, take it up over 200 MPH just to show that it can be done. But,…. let’s not forget the most important job of a car like this……to run down and eat anything that tries to get ahead of it…….because…..well…….that’s what Interceptors do! HA….ha……ha…..

Hope this helps
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Can't wait....... especially to see that 429 under the hood!

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel....Hopefully, it's not a train!

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429 are pretty mean. hope you dont tweest the car in two. cant wate to see that beast rip the tires off.

think outside the box
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I've only recently started to dig the old Cougars. I have a new neighbor that moved in two houses down that has TWO of them. Both have intakes popping out the hoods and rear wheels that look like it came right off the drag strip. They're wicked, and have created a new appreciation for a less-sought after piece of American Muscle!

"There are two ways to do things; the right way, and again." - Matt Melton

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I always thought the old cougers get overlooked, sort of like Javelins and AMX's. This one on Gearz sure cleand up well in the front, looks like little to no rust at all. Keep this project going over the next few episodes please with no filler episodes in between. Although the hot wheels episode is worth watching multiple times.

Glad to see you plan to use the car too. Cars should be driven (then cleaned).


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Yeah I always liked those early cats! That sounds like an awesome one of a kind project ! SWEEEET!

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sounds like a sweet project!! what wheel tire package are you going to use?? i know there is not alot of room if you dont modify the wheel house!

my project is a 1961 falcon, 408 stroker. i just took delivery of the tci mII ifs kit also, so i was excited to see the episode using it. will post pics and details soon.


steve sexton's picture

sounds like a sweet project!! what wheel tire package are you going to use?? i know there is not alot of room if you dont modify the wheel house!

my project is a 1961 falcon, 408 stroker. i just took delivery of the tci mII ifs kit also, so i was excited to see the episode using it. will post pics and details soon.


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429s are my favorite ford engines ,,,bone stock power !!!!

Satisfaction comes when you can say "I built that"

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This sounds like an awesome build.  I always love the different stuff that's why I have a Javelin and did it the way I did.  No Javelin came with a Shadow Mask and Bullitt wheels...but mine does!!

Wasted away again in Margaritaville!!

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hey stacey i was wondering if you could get an ad on ur show to see if anybody has a 1971 international thibault loadstar 1600 firetruck or firetruck parts. i am 16 and i am fixing my dads fire truck for his birthday an i need the transfer case for it. or just a whole new pump and transmission conversion. so could you help me plz thanks.

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hey stacey you are the man,

I like you work on Trucks (back in the good old days) and Gears. Cool mercury

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have always thought the cougar was over looked,can`t wait to see this cat roar,  at my office they call me from the road when the show comes on and this cat has also got there interest alone with the other projects your doing,  we work with intersepters every day, but yours will take tops here.

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<3 429 CANT WAIT im in love just finished mine 429

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Where's that 8 stack injection unit? Why is the carb on backwards?

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This car will be great love to watch currently I am working on a 66 Fairlane very similar ride it is getting a monster edlbrock 390 custom aod auto and lots more goodies I have decided to go with power steering box and pump insted of the mustange 2 rack been told try drive better than the rack in this particular situation would of liked to have more room with those shock towers but it will fit just tight  What all are you doing for brakes.

home builders rock

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i have an 88 thunderbird with the 5.0 will it work in it?

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I'm a long time fan of your show use to watch on spike every week then you were gone had to order speed channel from dish & started watching again trouble is they don't put the reruns in sequince hope your planning plenty of new shows
I've had a58 desoto in my garage scince Ithe floor was dry 20yrs ago triple bypass stalled the rebuild 10yrs ago but do what I can when the money allows .hope to send photoes and letter to (what are you workin on) when I get it where it looks good in photos, keep up the fantastic work looking forward to more shows

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I just saw one of your episodes on it today it looks like a great project and look forward to seeing it completed check out my project on I would have some pics on this account but havent quite got it figured out yet...lolz

"All Throttle no Bottle"

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Your show and the and the followers all inspire me to keep working harder to finish my project Old Glory Trike.  Nothing good comes easy and well the closer i get the more im inspired of my accomplishments.  Any thing is possable when we put our minds to it.  My mind is always coming up with new idea's to improve what seems to be functional but im forced to make it better and faster.  Anyone can build a mouse trap but to build it on wheels is up to us car guys!  Sooner or later this thinking benifets the world.  I guess its the creativity expressed that i value the most.  So keep up the good work and we will keep on building.  Ps its been a while sence your last post hope your busy coming up will more cool Projects!

Life is a journey Injoy the Ride !

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I really like the cougar project, im into building something other than the popular mustang,chevelle ect. thats one of the reasons I picked my Ranchero I just dont see many at all running the streets, plus it was my Mothers favorite car and shes pasted on. keep it up Stacy I love your show because of you go beyond the classic builds you see on TV.


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I had been working on my own '69 Cougar with my boys when Stacey's build came on GearZ. I took that as a sign since I had been struggling to keep somthing to give me and my sons a project to work on together.

My middle son has not been able to work with us since he is a Marine and has been on a few deployments. His last deployment sent him home early after he stepped on an IED. We are blessed that he survived, but it impressed upon me the importance of being able to complete something with him as his job is very dangerous and I might not get another chance.

So, much to the annoyance of the wife, I have done some creative budgeting and stepped up the Cougar build and getting the boys fully involved. I am moving it off the farm and down to the house in the next week. Stacey has given me and my sons a glimpse of what OUR cat has the potential to become. We do not have Stacey's budget, but we have a LOT of love and determination and the boys' friends to make this cat roar.

We will keep you up on what we are workin on...