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  • my new project car bmw sold off (image)

    1972 cultass supreme 350 auto holiday coupe

  • Skyview Drags Club Event 7-26-2014 (video)
  • Time trials Skyview 7/26/2014 (image)
  • need help with fixing a miss fire on my 1970 ford f100 (blog)

    can any one answer this for me. about 4 months ago i put in a acel ignition coil with a built in resister so my points would stop melting and acel spark plug w ires to handle the hoter spark . i was driving around when my tuck engine started shaking badly and miss firing badly. i went through the engine and found nothing machanicly wrong with it. but i found today that the points condinsore was burnt out and i replaced it. the shaking stopped. i am running standerd points and condinser in it. i still have the miss fire though.

  • Coke Trike (image)

    My Custom Coke Trike