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  • 57 Chevy Truck Cutting Frame (image)

    Yes, we are getting rid of the old straight axle and doing a 2nd gen camaro clip on this build so that we can handle the truck with the 454 BBC. 

  • 57 Chevy Truck Fenders Off Motor Out (image)

    It didn't take long to pull the fenders and the motor.  She's getting tore down.

  • 57 Chevy Truck Inline 6 (image)

    Yeah baby inline 6 with lots of nogo anymore.  The project manager opted for a 454 Chevy Big Block to fill the huge space under the hood.....

  • 57 Chevy Truck Interior B4 Tear Down (image)

    Yup pretty standard for your typical work truck!

  • 57 Chevy Truck B4 Tear Down (image)

    This is a 57 Chevy Truck that was donated to the Operation Warrior RECONnect project.  We were told it had been fully restored about 5 years ago.  Boy were we in for a suprise when we recieved it.  It looks good from a distance, don't they all LOL.