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  • Busy Year (blog)

    Big Purple has undergon some surgery over the last few months. Surgery begins

  • Weak link cont. (image)

    I also went ahead and installed a bigger t-caes. I went with the NP271 and had them put the slip yokeeliminator on it. That t-case is a lot bigger the the 241DHD. I had about a 1/8 inch clearence on the driver side frame rail.

  • Next weak link (image)

    A few short months of driving the new automatic like i stole it, I found the next weakest link. Rear End time. 230K HARD miles. She got new gears, bearings, and my personal favorite.... ARB locker. Forgot to take pictures of it but when I get the new dif cover i'll shot a pic of it.

  • Nav (image)

    Since i was already inside I figured Iwould give the old ram some navigation. I took this from a 05 Ram and massaged it into the old 98. I had to wire in a dummy ecu out of the 05 so it could read the newer style bus system (to calculate speed for the nav to function properly).I still have to wire in the radio controls from old to new style but tht takes a dummy body control module to send the proper signals to the radio. a lot of work for factory nav but i think thats more fun.

  • Carpet (image)

     Another carpet pic. And yes that is a ram head on the 4X4 shifter. I bought a spare hood ornament for our 93 ram and decided to put some threads in it and use it for a shiter.