Roof Palomino

This 1967 Roof Palomino lawn tractor was purchased new by my uncle in the midwest.  He used it for years, but one of his kids backed over a stump, rupturing the gas tank.  It was parked in a junk heap in his yard for years, but I finally talked my cousin into selling it to me.  I have since completely frame-off restored it, fabricating new parts as needed.  It features a 23hp Kohler motor and a 60" belly mower.  It was originally advertised as being capable of mowing 5 acres of lawn in an hour.  It runs and cuts at around 20 mph.

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BigJon's picture

That is cool I never seen one before.... You done a great job restoring her... I don't think I would cut the grass I'd just drive it around like people do on golf carts and show off....

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Thats way too cool and I have never seen one either. It cuts at 20mph WOW thats faster than most mowers will go!!!!

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A work of Art nicely done I love it



Do what you Love , it will never be like work !

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It is already a looking good lawn tractor. Although it was used years ago and fixed a little bit then now it's like brand new. Congratulations for a job well done.
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That is so cool. Thanks for posting this by the way.

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