Our Chitty Bang Bang in Wilmington De - a 1926 Model T hand made to be our Chitty

After finding a 1926 T in a junk yard and My daughter thinking I had brought Home the real - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Atfer several weeks of singing and picking flowers for this old wreck I began to make the Magic of childhood and build our very own chitty for her.  All hand made on an english wheel and using 1926 T runing gear and frame.  The wooden Spoke wheel make it work. Chitty has beenin many shows and palys theme music as the wings open for a short flight.  Butch PAtrick, and Geoarge Barris both came to see this great car and the workman ship we did in our little farm shop for a 3 year old little girl, that belived that if you belive hard enough dreams can come true!

Bang Bang!

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Wow awsome

Satisfaction comes when you can say "I built that"

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that is awesome good work


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super cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Cool

grant b

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It was alot of fun but hit allot of bumps in the road. The block was split from freezing and the oil  was like brown paint.  With a lot of searching we gotthe block and the engine to fire. She runs well on the old woven band design that Henry Ford built - two speed trans - no clutch.  only 20 horse power but what a fun ride.  She is great to take out for Ice cream!  Thanks!

Life is an adventure - why not drive there! Rspackman

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That is fantastic to fulfill a childs dream

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It's very rewarding when your work is admired, and I'm sure on the ice cream runs you are! Nice job!

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It is fun to make a little magic. The thing we do for a childs smile. Now my girls know more about some parts of an engine better then some guys their age

Life is an adventure - why not drive there! Rspackman

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Just plain ole awesome, great job!