My Project, Auburn Speedster with a Turbine

My "what am I working" on project is a 1936 Auburn Boattail Seedster (replica) powered by a Boeing Gas Turbine. I found this car sitting in a field behind a body shop in NY. The car sat for 17 years before I bought it. I dragged it back To CT and started cutting and welding to fit the Gas Turbine. this build took alot of thought with all the different problems associated with the turbine.

One the turbine spins in the opposite direction, to solve this, I designed and built a gear box to fit between the turbine and the Tranny. Also the 700R4 tranny had to be reworked, the front of the case had to be removed and the torque converter eliminated because the turbine has its own gear reduction box, but I had to find a way to pressurize the 700R4 when at a stop light, solution an electric hydraulic pump and some switches. 

Second the exhaust was a major challenge, it had to be routed out the back of the car to be legal to be driven on the road. With 400lbs. of Stainless steel to be cut, welded and rolled to a system that would fit and not restrict the turbine from doing it's job.

Third the noise level was 120 dbs., not acceptable for CT. I fabricated 4 different systems before finding something that worked. The intake was made out of aluminum perforated sheet metal and rolled to form a cylinder and cut to make curves so not to restrict the air intake, all welded with my TIG machine. Then I added sound absorbing foam, and a 1/4"rubber sheet and fiberglass to give it strength. And the final preparation will be for painting. After building this intake the noise level went down to 82dbs which will be acceptable for the State of Connecticut.

Forth, the fuel tank sits on top of the exhaust duct, and the exhaust has a temperature of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. to solve this, when the tank was designed and fabricated a water jacket was added to insulate the fuel from the heat. The tank has its own radiator and pump to cool the water that runs thru the tank.

At  the present time the chassis has been power coated and all assembled, front suspension fabricated, powder coated. and the body is at the Paint shop for a finish paint job. Next the body will be installed on the car and wired, interior installed, along with glass and chrome to finish this 7 year project.

With best regards Rick Munroe


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very cool project!!!!!"WILD"!!!!!!!!!! idea!!!!!!

grant b

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Awesome! That has to be the coolest project in history! Can't wait to see more of it!


I can see the light at the end of the tunnel....Hopefully, it's not a train!

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Wow.  This is certainly a major undertaking.  

T. C.

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no kidding !!!!!! WOW!!!!

Satisfaction comes when you can say "I built that"

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Can't wait to see it completely done. Way to be original

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That is the wildest set-up ever. Very cool!!!!!!!!!!!

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Very cool and VERY unusual. I love unusual. Stacey has to feature this car on air. Keep up the good work!