My favorite pic from my Power King project

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This is Matty P. my 11 year old sand blaster. He was so pumped to go out and blast under the Big Top that he didn't even take off his soccer uniform and cleats. LOL! It was dark and taken with my cell phone so it is a bit blurry. I couldn't resist. He is wearing the proper PPE, gloves taped off, mask and full face shield.


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yellow 1935 chevy's picture

Teach him right. We did'nt know the safety rules 40 years ago. Every skill you learn makes you a better person. Enjoy the Ride.

tom warren

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Hey Tom, He is a pretty smart kid. He wouldn't come near the garage when I had all of my painting gear on. I think he is a demo man. He wanted to use the air chisel on the body panel but I told him no way. He laughed when one of the kids in his boy scout troop was showing off his merit badges. He told him that he already had wood working and metal work finished within a week. LOL! He has hands on experience.

Steve P

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Sharp-- the bible says teach the child when he is young the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. I can see years from now he will say with pride my dad taught me how to do that.Smile

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Cool when is he available? HA HA :)

Jerome J Szemborski