I got my vette from the local auto wreckers. The front was smashed , faded red in colour. Went there to visit my friends that owned the yard. They saw me stop by the vette and have a look. When I viewed the vette it had a black interior , I thought to myself there were not very many out there with black interiors.

I worked flat rate at a GM Chevy dealership In Toronto,Ontario,Canada. So we used to see alot of vettes back then. When i walked into the auto wreckers office they where all laughing and saying we saw you eye ballen the vette out there. I responded with my car building dayz are behind me now.......

4 dayz later my son came into the house to tell me there was a flat bed tow truck out front.I asked him does it have a red car on it , the answer was yes. The driver brought some papers over to me and told me here is your unfit owernership and inspection papers . there was a list of all of known vette defects that this particular car did NOT suffer from. He then proceeded with dropping the car into my driveway.

This was a gift form my friends at the auto wreckers . I worked as an automotive trainer for over 20 years and used to drop by and give books , spend some time with the techs there giving some lessons to them.

This was a thank you gift from them, they knew I could not resist the challenge of this car. Back in the past I used to build and drag race Firebirds. As time went by I got into boat racing ( I thought carz cost alot of cash....Boats are a hole in water in hich one pours money)

I have now been working on my 1980 Corvette for 7 years now and it is coming to close to getting it finished. I licensed it last fall to started to drive it (motivation)

A great dream would be that a corporate sponser comes along and want to use my car to promote there product or a great movie ledgend like NICOLAS CAGE  wanted to be invloved in my project so he could drive my car...........NICE TO HAVE DREAMS...........





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i see your Just like me i love to do high end work and i see your the same Great Job!! (I LOVE the Year and the Car)