My 1979 Cane Cutter

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This is my 1979 Cane Cutter 15.2 with the original 85hp Evinrude V4 outboard.  The hull, motor, and seats are factory.  I have wet sanded and polished the hull which shaved years off of the boat.  It's in terrific condition for its age.

My recent upgrades this spring are a new 17-pitch performance prop, new bilge and areator pumps.  I have also replaced the factory trolling motor with a much more powerfull 24-volt for increased performance.

It's not a car, it's not even a hotrod but its my current passion as I do love boating and I do love fishing. 

My future project will be building a usable 4x4 that I can take to the trails and still drive it back home and not worry about damaging my daily driver.

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Nice boat, looks like new. Like you said it's not A car or hotrod but that's the nice thing about this site, it's your passion and it's what YOU are twisting wrenches on, keep it up.

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nice boat!!!

grant b