Lukes 1969 Bug 13b mazda rotary conversion, engine pic

One last engine picture I wanted to upload. 1969 vw bug with 13b mazda rotary engine conversion. Holley 650 w/t racing beat intake. Home made exhaust, 2" primaries to a 2 1/2 collector, 180* right out the back with q flow through stainless mufler. Junkyard ignition and distributor from an older rx7 with a 12a. ( engine was fuel injected, this conversion made for easy wiring ) I used button head screws for the water pump because the hex head ones slightly rubbed the deck lid when closed. These clear about 1/16". I made a few custom other parts and used "Duplicolor" spray paint to help it go faster... basically it was all built on a tight budget.

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Did you make this conversion or was it a kit? Really cool either way. Especially as it all hides under the hood. Nice work.

Ever see a Bug with a Corvair 6 conversion? Don't see it much, but they exist.

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The engine conversion involves a Kennedy adapter kit. The kit includes a machined piece of aluminum to bolt the engine to the tranny, a VW flywheel with machined holes to fit the 13b ecentric shaft, and an upgraded VW stage 2 clutch and some cool stickers. Thats the kit. The engine needs to be from an automatic RX7 because the flex plate uses a bolt on style counter weight that must be installed, behind the VW flywheel. (The manual engines have the weight cast into the flywheel. If used you'll need a used mached set of counter weights from an automatic.)  Then I "converted" the engine from fuel injection to N/A with a Holley 650 and a racing beat intake so I didn't have to wire the ECM or worry about instaling a new fuel pump with return line. The rest involves imagination, some junk and some spray paint.. I think they make a kit for a corvair, they have one for pretty much anything to a vw transaxle.

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The kit includes a machined piece of aluminum to bolt the engine to the tranny, a VW flywheel with machined holes to fit the 13b ecentric shaft, and an upgraded VW stage 2 clutch and some cool stickers. writing a book review

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How do you know that??

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I bet that things revs all day long, and winds out nicely.  How are rotaries cooled?  I always assumed liquid.  If so how did you mount the radiator and stuff?


My guess is your going to come back and tell me it is also air cooled though lol.

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bet that things revs all day long, and winds out nicely. How are rotaries cooled? I always assumed liquid.
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The radiator is up front. Its a cheap little junkyard aluminum radiator from a hundai that fits just about perfect. However the hundai electric fan (only one) literaly sucked, so I replaced it with a nice dual pusher fan setup from a mercedes with a large 6 cyl if I remember correctly. I'll post a new picture later. My cooling tubes are ran up the inside of the floor pan tunnel. The oil cooler is up there to but might soon change to the back. Check out my other pics..

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Nice work, looks like the hood even closes.

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I like that a lot..... I heard someplace that rotaries are hard to keep running without excess smoke. Any truth in that?

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel....Hopefully, it's not a train!

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    That could be a good option for the Aztec GT I have


You woke up so smile !

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That could be a good option statement of interest

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wow thats some bug!!!!!!

grant b

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