Local car show

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Thanks alot. It is fun!!!!!!!!!!

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It is just different!!!!!!!!!

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That's just too cool, keep teasing my neighbor that I'm going to do this to his. But of course I'm not!!!!!!LOL

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Oh, tell him to just be a brave buckaroo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Haha cool Bro!!


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That is awesome.  Aint it true though "bellybutton" cars are boring.  

Wasted away again in Margaritaville!!

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It's different, than the run of mill. It gets a great response........... Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

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that is HOT!!!!!!   U FAB THAT?


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From the ground up.......Just wanted something really different, and wild........Who says bugs can't be sharp????????

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sure great looking work!!!!!

grant b

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I have been told that it doesn't work in either Street Machine, or Street Rod........Go figure!!!!!!!!

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Way cool nice job. The next build is going to make you work harder to be more creative.


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Put a hemi in a VW is real creative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is on it's way

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Neat Hot Rod.

Nice Job

One man and a garage!

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Thanks alot................It is fun!!!!!!!!!