Indoor car show!!!!!!!!!

These things wear a person out!!!!!

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Joseph Caudill's picture

looks like cool stuffSmile

Jimbobjoe57's picture

Lots of really nice vehicles!!!!!!!!!!!

flhtc1340's picture

CoolIt is a good way to get tired

Vernon Guest

Jimbobjoe57's picture

3 day indoor shows, just where you to a frazzle.............Thanks alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dana collins's picture

thats a sick vw. good luck on future work


Jimbobjoe57's picture

It is a great little car.........The future VW will have a hemi in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cruzertim's picture

Great car! Lots of hard work for this much quality!!!!

Jimbobjoe57's picture

3 1/2 years..........Labor of love.......Just wanted something really different.......Thanks Tim!!!!!!!!

autowayne's picture

Looks good, lots shine in that room.

Jimbobjoe57's picture

Almost have to wear sunglasses!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jose Ribot's picture

It's look very nice. I start with my VW but I can't finished.


Jimbobjoe57's picture

Patients and perseverance.................It will happen!!!!!!!!!!!

jdinn's picture

Your car looks cool, I can tell not much VW there but oviously a lot of time and conversions.

Jimbobjoe57's picture

The body is all VW Bug. The only thing that is missing is the top......

rich's hangout's picture

thats a pretty cool ass ride....lots of thought in there

Jimbobjoe57's picture

Thanks alot Rich..........Did spend alot of time with the design........Just had to be different!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ZanderGT-R's picture

That is one hell of a machine! Volkswagons are good cars. I know this cause my dad used to have a bus, a 1982 Jetta, a 2002 Jetta, and he still has a really rare 1986 brown Cabriolet. Great car though!


khori's picture

id love to see your car in person, cool ride