how to replace truck rocker panels

Can anyone tell me where/how to find online info/videos on replacing rocker panels on my '72 GMC pickup?

I don't know how to weld, but I've heard that they can be riveted.

Also, need to know how to remove old panels.


[cab corners will be next]


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You can use a metal adhesive like SEM weld bond, 3M Duramix or Lord Fusor. While I have not used Weld Bond or Duramix, I have used Lord Fuser and the stuff is as strong as a weld. All of these products bond a metal panel as if it were welded.


Here is a video on the SEM Weld Bond. It is very slow to load but is worth the wait.


There are several videos on Youtube covering rocker panel replacement. The techniques used are the same for your jimmy.


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all i know they can be a pain. and viper hawk has the other info coverd

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Don't rivet!  There is not enough strength in the rivets.  Either weld it or use one of the above mentioned bonding agents.  The trick is getting everything straight before you weld or bond.  make sure the door and fender line up correctly then set the gap on the bottom of the door by fitting the rocker to both the floor and the door.  Make sure everything fits exactly like you want it before you bond.


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Best I can advise is to learn how to weld. Every gear head needs to know. Rocks aren't that hard, get your new ones first and that will show you what you are dealing with. Bonding is great stuff, used on the right app. not sure if rocks would be one. Good luck keep us posted & we will try to walk ya through it