how to get more power out of a 4.3 vortec auto trans in a 1994 s10

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want to no how to put more power into a 1994 chevy s10 with auto trans 

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Is it totally stock? My '93

Is it totally stock? My '93 is a 2.8 throttle body injection with a stick, and it's already all I can do to not break the tires loose when the bed's empty.


Logically, more power would come from more air/fuel. You're a TBI .. do you have just a stock air cleaner? One trick with those was to turn the 'hat' upside down. You can only really do this in the summer since it defeats the hot exhaust recirculation to help warm up the engine when it's icy cold ... but it does add a few HP when the engine's warmed up. Beyond that, a cat-back exhaust will let it breath better.


Depending on your skill level, you could take a step back and pull that TBI and replace it with a better flowing carb, or step forward and replace the intake with a more modern one supporting multipoint injection.  Naturally, either one of those is going to put you at the mercy of the enviro-hounds if your vehicle ever has to submit to inspection.


Now .. if you want to talk real power ... the 4.3 was simple to upgrade to a full V8, as the 4.3 was a 350 with 2 cylinders chopped off.  There's half a dozen kits out there with all the rocket surgery already done for you. You can grab a scrap yard V8 for a couple of bills ... or step up to a crate 350 pushing as much as 350hp for a few grand ... with a full warranty.


Now ... if you're running the original '94 auto tranny .. that's damn near 20 year old. You start throwing real power at it ... it's gonna say goodnight in a hurry. Better to address that right now. The 4l60 isn't a hard transmission to rebuild, plenty strong .. and if it's running well now, all it'll cost you is a kit and some time. It'll take whatever you throw at it. I'd plan for a torque converter replacement at the same time. It's got a lockup clutch inside and it's sure to be just as tired and worn as the cluch packs in the transmission are. Be sure to match the spline count correctly ... If I recall, the 700-r4 (an earlier name for the exact same trans) changed count and whoever's selling to you may be sleeping at the switch.