Hot Rod BBQ Grill (Take a look Stacey David!!!)

This 39(ish) Dodge front end masterpiece was made out of salvage yard scraps by my dad as a fun side project.

  • 1939 Dodge truck front end bought at local junk yard 
  • Hood lifts by remote control to provide shade while grilling and protection when not in use 
  • Running boards fold out for serving surfaces
  • Propane tanks conveniently fit inside fender wells
  • Stainless V8 engine (with spark plugs, headers, moving fan, and thermostat housing for real time temp) opens and  IS the Grill
  • Functional wheels to facilitate moving
  • Hooks to hang grilling utensils
  • Room to install a radio, ice chest, hitch
  • All the "motor" parts were off of other projects i.e. 56 Thunderbird valve covers, 77 corvette oil pan, 67 mustang thermostat housing
  • Painted and made completely at home, in garage
  • I'd estimate that the totall overall cost that it took to make was under a thousand.

Check it out in our local Colorado paper


Stacey David,

My dad William calls you the original hot rod television guys, thank you for helping start his motivation.

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Jimbobjoe57's picture

That is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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svanorden's picture

Hi Eric,

The Projects look great! I would like to show these to Stacey David and have you as a possible "What Are You Workin' On?" contestant. Send me some info about yourself and the projects.


Scott Van Orden

Rattletrap Productions

Gearz TV


elde4527's picture

That would be great, what all do you need to know? They are father son projects, made in garage and painted home or by close friends.

BigJon's picture

Nice job,,,, now that's cookin....

clarey's picture

Hi - I'm a Features Journalist in the UK who would like to feature ths BBQ mod. Do you have an email address that I can contact you on? Actually prob easier to give you my work email,




DRC's picture

Really cool, great job and it looks like it's getting A lot of attention, congrats

1934ChevyRat's picture

very nice, we all need one of them, if I had that outside it would be gone in one night, but that is why we have garages lol

if someone can invent it, you can repair it you, just need to try, Plus maybe have a repair manual

brian dragon's picture

if others don`t think that`s neat, check their pulse

chargerc1500's picture

cool bbq

it is awsome looks like you have out done your self

grantb's picture

very nice

grant b

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