GM Tach hook up HEI system

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This is were the tach hook up is on a GM HEI distributor. There is a male spade where it says TACH under the plastic cap-You will need a female spade connector for your tach lead-solder the connection on tach lead and female connector-and just plug it into the distributor- feed wire up under the plastic cap Make sure you get it on to the male spade terminal-you could miss it and go along side of it- give the wire a pull and make sure you got it- GM made this an easy install port. The tack lead must be fed through the firewall useing a rubber gromet!! Hope this helps 77

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Thanks for the pic man i got that far but mine has a female spade on it thats where im getting confused cuz there are 2 wires leading into the female end then it plugs into coil