Gearz Show

I would like to thank Rattletrap for including my project on there show. My project and I were on this morning. It is a real honor.. It is great being apart of the WAYWO family. Thanks alot!!!!!!!!!!

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T Taylor's picture

Hey way to go Jim, Congrats!! Now you got to get it done, cant wait. Talk later :{


Jimbobjoe57's picture

Thanks TT........Slow but sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DRC's picture

Congrats man

Jimbobjoe57's picture

Thanks Donnie!!!!!!!!!! It was a blast to see on TV!!!!!!!!!

autowayne's picture

Congrats for being on the show. How long between when you sent in your pics and when it was on.

Jimbobjoe57's picture

3 1/2 months!!!!!!!!!!!!

BigJon's picture

Hey!Hey! Congrats!!! Your VW squarback is going to be way cool!!!

Jimbobjoe57's picture

Thanks alot BigJon!!!!!!!!!!!! It was great seeing on TV......Can't hardly wait to get it on the road

autowayne's picture

I caught the show this morning on your squarback. I can see that big HEMI sticking out of the hood. Going to look great!!!

Jimbobjoe57's picture

It will be different and wild..........Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!