G-2/Veloss Reverse Trike kit if the T-Rex

I have been working on a 2009 G-2/Veloss reverse trike kit for awhile.  I have the majority of the parts for my trike including a reverse gear and a brand new 2009 zx 1400 motor.  I am stuck on my kit build because the frame I received did not come with motor mounts and I'm not prepared to take on the task of fabricating motor mounts and correctly positioning the motor to line up with the rear sprocket as well as getting the balance correct.  I do not have a chassis fabrication specialist in my area and as such I will likely have to have my kit shipped away to have this work done.  If anyone knows of a good fabrication shop in my area that can do this job, I would like to hear from you. 

I have the rolling chassis complete and all of the fiberglass has been mounted and basic body work completed.  However, without the motor being correctly mounted in the frame, I do not want to do anymore work.  I fear I will run brake lines, gas lines and/or electrical lines only to find out that they are in the way of necessary engine components.

Any suggestions anyone can offer would greatly be appreciated.






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I hope I can get my kti completed and I'd be happy to receive any suggestions that could help.


Thanks in advance,



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wow thats a cool looking project .sorry I cant help with it .I would help fab up the mounts for ya in a heart beat . It wouldnt be too hard to do . staight edge to make sure the sprockets line up then lots of measuring to get it all to fit fore and aft . then fab up mounts  

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Hey JOhn looks awesome. Some questions here, that arent going to help you, but.....

Are you still working on this?

Where did you purchase it from and how much?

I am contemplating building one, or purchising a kit. I am guessing, from some research, that you got this from DD cobra, in Canada?

Thanks man, and best of luck!

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Thanks for yor comments.

Yes, I did buy the vehicle from DD cobra in Quebec, Canada. I would strongly encourage you not to buy a kit from them. Check out the G2 trike. They offer a complete kit. Go to reversetrike.com and click on the link for complete trike kits. If you buy the Veloss like I did, you'll have nothing but headaches and you'll spend thousands more than you need to. Plus you'll end up frabricating things that should have been included.

Let me know how it turns out for you.


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This kit build has been one hell of a journey for me and my family. I was really hoping that Stacey was going to be able to get this project on the show. Anyways, I teamed up with a company in my area Twisted Toyz Automotive and they have taken on the majority of the build. It has been a very slow process but some progress has been made. The owner Mike and his lead mechanic Sven have agreed to design and fabricate the missing mounts for my kit. I of course have to pay for the parts and labor. This has and will continue to put an added financial stress on the project.

Mike has had the vehicle for four months now and he and his lead mechanic work on it after hours and when the shop is slow. I go in and visit whenever time permits and the shop is never slow. I guess this is good for business, but terrible for my timeline.

So far, the shop has stripped the trike down and identified most of the problems. They have fabricated and mounted the rear suspension and are working on mounting the engine and reverse gear. Once the engine and reverse gear are mounted the build process should move more rapidly. All the electrical systems are new and are for the 2009 zx1400. This includes (engine management, starter, signals, fuel pump, fuel relay, brakes, turn signals, horn, lights, gauges, switches, etc.). The radiator, radiator fan, tank, headlights, wilwood disc brakes, steering wheel, seats, belts, mirrors, air intake, wheels/tires, etc are all custom parts designed for this vehicle.

I am hoping to paint the vehicle 2003 corvette yellow with tribal graphics on it. The plan is to paint the body and then add the graphics using ape wrap.

I have a long way to go and a very limited budget. My wife has been very understanding thus far, but I know there will come a time when she says the bank is closed. I have explained to her that the vehicle isn’t worth anything in its current form and the only way to make this all work out is to finish it. Here’s hoping that the project gets finished before the marriage is done. I would hate for the lawyers to end up with the project . . . if you know what I mean.


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So is this thing on the road or not?

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