Eastwood tig 200 AC/DC -110-220 v welder

Well ---Hears the scoop-

PRO'S--unit arrived in 3 days undamaged- All accessories in packing were there-Took 20 minutes to hook up- comes with torch on off switch on torch head and set amps on unit or foot peddle with reostat amp control dial and foot peddle verable amp to what you set the reostat to. both worked awesome. Timed the pre flow and post flow settings -and they were spot on..-ran the unit on Aluminum sq tubing first 1/8 " wall at 130 amps A/C- with 100% tungston 3/32 dia. Run flaless with the torch switch-then tried the foot peddle set at 130 amps and verried the amperage with the peddle-AWESOME control. Next I switched tungston over to 2% and same dia.-useing the same collet in the torch head-switched the machine to DC -dialed it down to 80 amps and ran the S.S 18 ga. test pieces. Wow- beautfull control and a perfect bead.- This machine is every easy to use and is geared for automotive restoration. It cost $ 899.00 and 26.00 to ship-

Now cons-

The unit came with a hand held welding mask- Why I do not know -tig takes 2 hands-what is up with that??? the thing is a piece of crap -I have no use for it..- The foot peddle has 2 leads comeing out of it-one for amp control and the other for the on/off switch of the peddlel-These leads should have a sleeve over them like the way the torch leads have- - It will get one. - one of the 3 size collets for the standard wp17 torch head was 5/64 in size- thats a werdo- i will never use that collet- thats about it..

Got a argon B tank for 138.00 unit came with a nice reg.-had to buy tungston of coarse-and I also bought a gas lend for the wp17 standard torch -just because i know what I'm doing here-$18.00 . All and all for just a little over $1000.00 I am finally mobil -and can take my 110 Hobart hander mig or my Eastwood 110/220 any were and run it off my 6000 watt generator.-I will post pic's of the first project- aluminum tube welding cart the project name will be THE TOWER OF POWER -look for it and check out what this tig can do. 77

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Awesome buddy sounds like a really good tig welder, i will be buying one in the near future. I already have my two mig welders now, small 110 lincoln mig and my snapon 220 big stand up unit. Been slowly getting my snap on big welder setup for use, I would like to learn tig welding, i like how the welds look. Good luck and have fun with the new tig welder.

Thomas R Jones

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Miller make the best tig in my book. But looked at this set up from Eastwood.For the price it is a very nice unit. A Miller will set you back $2,500. And from the look at the weld it looks like it is going to put out the goods

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We have 3 millers at work-Yes they are well liked in the industral world. They never go on sale and a comperable miller would be $2300 for a bare unit- then put a reg.-tank and a torch switch control you would be up to $3000 dollars-A guy I work with is selling his Miller and buying this unit and with the money left over he is buying a generator-He has also fab'ed for over 20 years.Eastwood also has a deal going on -This tig and their plasma cutter for just $1200.buck-Thats a plasma unit for $300 bucks. I have never been disappointed with a Eastwood product ever! When I can put a weld down like this on the first pass -first time ever useing this unit-Ho yes it will put out the good-you bet! Wait till I dial this unit in....

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that was you first pass??? I don't question Eastwood products or their tools.Next week I am ordering the double flare tool just to do my SS brake lines $250 bucks.I would like to do that sell,but have to pay the man $2000 to keep my drivers license.

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Actually the second pass- the first pass I forgot to take the plastic off the back side of the scrap piece of s.s. I was to excitied-LOL -So with a virgin machine virgin set up and With my own helmet-I laid the first real bead down-Right then and there I knew I bought the right tig -BINGO-Actually that weld had 100% penatration and no berry on the back side -The post flow adjustment is a very cool feature-and so easy to use-Actually it really blew me away-Sometmes the new welders are all digital and have so much adjustments to them they are very difficult to dial them in and time comsuming- ....I'm style'en...:)