Cooling systems controls /monitor for systems

Good day !

I have been searching out cooling systems / controls / parts / .

my goal is to have a system that I will know exactly how each component will operate

IE: with my electric mierze water pump / that the pump is on and funtioning.

I have built the ignition feed relay control system with an inline amp/volt gauge also with a LED teletale to show voltage power at the feed side of the electric pump. the amp gauge will show actual amperage draw

of the pump system in operation.

I have found a LED digitalread out fan control system to set the warm up temp ok / fan 1 on @ 180 / fan 2 on @ 195 turn off fans at 175 / audilbe sound warning of overheat (adjustable settings for all controls).


Hope this help to create a better cooling system control / monitor system

PS if you need my wiring diagram let me know VETTEMAN.

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