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G-2/Veloss Reverse Trike kit if the T-Rex

I have been working on a 2009 G-2/Veloss reverse trike kit for awhile.  I have the majority of the parts for my trike including a reverse gear and a brand new 2009 zx 1400 motor.  I am stuck on my kit build because the frame I received did not come with motor mounts and I'm not prepared to take on the task of fabricating motor mounts and correctly positioning the motor to line up with the rear sprocket as well as getting the balance correct.  I do not have a chassis fabrication specialist in my area and as such I will likely have to have my kit shipped away to have this

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1948 Rat Rod (Willys Jeep pickup) aka Raticus

I have been building a nostalgia styled rat rod from a 1948 Willys Jeep Pickup. This is my first attempt at making a rat - but it won't be my last...

Back half of frame was rotted so I cut it out and replaced it with 2 x 3 boxed frame that I made. I Z'd the frame 14 inches in back. I removed the front axle and made a suicide perch and put in an early Ford straight axle. I located an old set of Ford wishbones and split the puppies....

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the 73 nova ss hatchback

i am 13 years old i have started working on a 73 chevy nova ss hatchback. i have made a lot of progress after begging my mom and dad for about 5 years to help me buy a project car on craigslist. i happened to come across this nova and bought it. has a lot of rust. i am planing on driving it to highschool. it has no engine and going to drop a 429 v8 called THE BOSS in to it to get the horsepower i want. i have a lot of welding to do, sanding, and grinding to do on it. i have a lot of plans for this car and i hope it happens.

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57 Studebaker
Roof Palomino

This 1967 Roof Palomino lawn tractor was purchased new by my uncle in the midwest.  He used it for years, but one of his kids backed over a stump, rupturing the gas tank.  It was parked in a junk heap in his yard for years, but I finally talked my cousin into selling it to me.  I have since completely frame-off restored it, fabricating new parts as needed.  It features a 23hp Kohler motor and a 60" belly mower.  It was originally advertised as being capable of mowing 5 acres of lawn in an hour.  It runs and cuts at around 20 mph.

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5 Reasons Why She Broke Up With You And What They Really Mean

Ideally it will be something that takes a lot of mental resources like learning a foreign language. Realize that getting back together into your ex's life won't happen automatically. And after talking to him, do not try to get into contact with him. There are a couple of ways of doing this if your ex doesnt seem interested in you or youre not totally over him. Express to him that although it might not have always seemed that way, you truly do love being around him. There's nothing wrong with that.

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Thunderbird IRS into a pickup

I am starting this blog as documentation on how to install an IRS from a Ford Thunderbird into a pickup truck. I will be using a 1970 F100 as the sample vehicle but the process remains the same regardless of truck as long as the frame is 34" wide.

The vehicle I will be installing the IRS into:

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very cool!!!

Coolfound out today they are putting my car on gearz "what are you working on ? " next season!!!! very "COOL" thanks rattletrap!!!!!!

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1964 Ford Falcon Sprint Pro Touring

This is my 64 Falcon Sprint. It was a 289, 4 spd car when I bought it. The previous owner had done a mild resto about 12 years ago and it was a nice car for the price. The first thing I did was change the front drums to 13" Brembo's from a Cobra R Mustang. Since then a slew of modifications have been happening. I started to install a distributorless ignition from Electromotive and that is the last time I drove it. I changed the front engine dress to accomodate the crank trigger which led to changing to a 94-95 short water pump from Stewart components with March pulleys.

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My single cab short bed lowered Chevy Duramax!


Been working on this truck for the past few months since i bought it.  I took a regular cab long bed chevy duramax 2500 and after some cutting and welding ended up with a regular cab short bed. I added a full MBRP 5" turbo back exhaust as seen in the picture.  All in my driveway because my garage is just not big enough.  these next pictures are of progress made with the truck.

Bought a short bed frame section from the cab back.

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i was replying to a blog Alvin wrote  titled WOLF  and decided to Post this to get your guys  feed back
my car contradicts every so call "car rule" that has ever  be made  about car's .
apparently  because it was built to be really fast!!  it cant have any STYLE!!!!!!
i deal will this all the time(BIG TIME).
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there are a few people on here posting other people's work

myself I learned along time ago in school that you dont use other people's art without giving all the credit to the people you get the art from, where it be writings, pictures, paintings, ect.. when I do use it feels wrong to me, maybe some people dont know that it is wrong and have to be told like i was in grade school, high school and college only in college they boot you out of college. I like to see all the pictures i just want to know who's work it is and a small description about the thing.

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Why does no one have 12-bolt info for trucks??

A couple days ago, I went and got the numbers off of my rear end. I then spent a day trying to figure out what it is. I have had little luck. I do know that it is a truck rear end. (I wonder how it got under one) If anyone has any info (That would be you, chevy guys) I would really appreciate it. The code on the housing is 389 6839 N. The date (Which I would like to know the most) is CON5. I think that means it was built after '70, but i'm not sure. The code on the tube is KBT 245 1.

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Subaru EJ20 Turbo into a 1967 VW Bug

I'm in the middle of installing a watercooled Subaru ej20 turbo engine into a 1967 VW bug to replace the aircooled VW motor.  My car is a 1967 bug body on a 68 pan with the 67 swingaxle trans. I've had this car for close to 25 years, it's my first car. It had a stock 1600 when I got it and I painted it back in high school autoshop. Then after a few years, I put a 1641cc with dual Kadrons carbs. Next was a old 1835cc I found that had been built by Deano Dyno Soars. It had Deano heads, carb linkage, and IDA manifolds for the dual 48 IDA Webers carbs.

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38 Dodge Rat Rod Pickup

Your show is the best hands on hot rod show on TV. Your projects are what us hot rodders want! Just wanted to submit pictures of my 38 Dodge Rat Rod pickup for What You Are Working On. It gets thumbs up from grandmothers, smiles from kids, and some people just look at me like I'm out of my mind. It's a blast to drive and no one wants to race it! It should run in the 10 second range but it has such a short wheel base I can't hang in with it that long.  It's as scary as it looks to drive!

550 horsepower
512 cubic inch stroker motor

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1962 impala SS build

This is my 16 year old daughter first complete build. We broke down the car and sandblasted the frame and painted it. 454 and th400 will be going in it.

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