Banshee Beautiful Butt

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How do you get around smog? (from california), Here you would have to use something '75 or older. Triumph spitfire maybe?

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This is A great question

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Here in SC weve got no smog or inspection to deal with , hope it lasts!!!

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Here in oregon you just have to replace the current engine with a newer model from the same company. Here Mazda could be associated with ford and drop in a huge V8. As long as it was a new year then the mazda

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truly an awesome piece of work!!

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Great paint job

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Can't wait to see this on the track. Stacy, what an awesome concept!

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel....Hopefully, it's not a train!

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Pure Insanity! This thing has broadened my horizon for potential projects. All of a sudden, I wanna stuff a V8 in everything!!!!

"There are two ways to do things; the right way, and again." - Matt Melton

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looks great

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great total package of power and style

Philippians 4: 13

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nice, fast too

if someone can invent it, you can repair it you, just need to try, Plus maybe have a repair manual

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Thats Hot

Satisfaction comes when you can say "I built that"

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Who says its a chicks car?

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nice car stacy


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That thing looks as good going as it does coming!

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yes,  a triumph spitfire would be a good banshee. i know because the banshee project inspired me to build my 1970 triumph spitfire with a 3.4 ltr v-6 out of a 1994 camaro. and it goes like h#ll.   Cool

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to cool

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