Aces Wild Get Gone

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Hi 77, Fun video of the day. Since you took out your bomb shelter, we will have to do what happens next in the film.

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Thats me playing the Chello--LOL Awesome 35 the girls are sweet.!!!

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The FLASH strikes back.

tom warren

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Tom, where do you come up with these videos? My wife was looking over my shoulder and said "Oh my"! She still loves me though, because she is making me cookies. I think that I knew some of those girls. In my day, petti coats were cool. The drag racing scenes look like their from the first Nationals in Detroit. Does anyone know?

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Hi Guys & Gals, finding the best videos can take all day. You Tube helps with recommendtions, too. The best ones you play time and time again. First they have to make you SMILE. Then they have to add something you are interested in. I,m looking for old/old drag racing videos for DragRacersReunion. Many 8mm, black and white and rare. It helps in tracking the racers and their vehicles. They have a place you can stack up lots of videos, makes it easy to keep on one theme. Have to watch the content, we have young members here.

tom warren

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hahaha that was great keep it going!!

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Pretty cool takes me back, that was Bart Starr at the end right?

Jerome J Szemborski