64 Falcon

I removed the wiring harness from my parts car last night. i have never seen a 48 year old harness that has never been hacked on and is in perfect shape. I purchaed this parts car a few weeks ago because it has almost everything i need outside of interrior. It is a 65 four door that was rolled over a few months back. I found out after i showed up to get the car that it has been fully restored last year and that the car only had 8000 miles on it.. what a find.. new 302, c4 trany and all kinds of soft parts brand new..

My buddy said i was the luckest guy in town, i paid 1200.00 bucks for the parts car and it saved me over 12k in parts.

i will update soon with pictures of both cars

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Super find, I always fear not being able to locate old parts, but this inspires me. Patience is a virtue!

Jerome J Szemborski

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Great Deal, Donor cars are the way to go, I've picked up a few Projects that guys started and lost interest in. You can really get lots of extras that way.

Best wishes and Good Luck with your Build!

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Thanks, it was truly a lucky find. I have a long ways to go but i hope to have it on the road in a year or so

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With the yr you picked up you should"nt have any problems finding trim parts through Dearborn Classics. Goodluck with your build