1994 Ford Explorer Solid Axle Swap

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I got this explorer back in 2004 when I was 15 from my mom. It had a blown transmission that I had to get replaced. Since

then I have modified it. The only bolts I haven't turned would be on the original motor.

Current specs

Front Axle: 1979 f150 Dana 44 w/ 5.13 gears & detroit locker

Extended radius arms w/ dom tubing & ballistic fab joints

Rear Axle: 1989 f150 8.8 rear w/ 5.13 gears & detroit locker

stock 4.0l v6 202,000 original miles

5 speed m5od out of a '98 ranger replaces the junk a4ld automatic

All work on this explorer was done by me. The only thing I paid someone to do was my factory explorer axles w/ 4.56 gears.

I did the gears in my current axles because getting them setup is over priced and I wanted to learn.

This picture was taken when I spend most of my day washing and waxing it with McGuire's 3 step wax system.... boy did it


Stock sized BF Goodrich All Terrains & a brush guard from a 1998 - 2000 Ford Ranger

3" body lift and a home built bumper

New BF Goodrich 33"x10.5-r15's

Put bigger tires on it (35" Super Swampers LTB's)

A broken front axle shaft resulted in a solid axle swap

Found some rims on craigslist. They have bald 33" tires that I will be swapping out for my 35" swampers

This is with the 3" body lift still on.

This is after I removed the body lift completely

I ran a wristed passenger radius arm for a while and wasn't too fond of it. I bought .25 wall dom tubing and extended my

radius arms w/ ballistic fab joints.

Changed my grill to a ranger one!

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Really nice job. In the pic

Really nice job. In the pic with the rad arm plated, welded and bolted, what was that for? Did you cut and extend the arm there? Any ways, everything else looks good.