1979 Chevy k10 *Mud Project*

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Hello everyone. Names Brandon and i am gonig to be starting the project of making my 1979 Chevy k10 8ft bed pickup into a Giant Mud truck. I was hoping to get some advise from people that have built some massive mud trucks so i can get an idea of how i am going to go at it. I'll tell you what i have done so far.

I Swapped outa the old axels and put 3/4 ton's in . Put on a 6 inch lift with 2 inch block. And added on 39 inch Irock Radilas. a freshly rebuilt 350 small block with a turbo 400 tranny. All in all i am pretty happy with the build and how it came out. But i am not satisfied with how it looks and perfoms in my eyes. This is what the truck looks like to far.

Ok So. just to set this straight i dont have a set budget because this is going to be a long term project not a instant thing. This is all to be based on future basis's. What i wana do to it is, i've been looking at buying 69 inch by 18.5 inch r2 tractor tires. with 5 ton rockwells. I've already found the mean to gettin them. Im more concearned with the lift aspect of the truck. I dont really know how im gonig to go about it or how i should. I've looked at alot of Big Muyd trucks on Google and i see most of them have a custom frame bottom kind of deal. So thats 1 thing i'm gonig to need some ideas and help figuring out.

Also with that kinda lift i was looking to getting a profab t-case but i dont know what kind to get i know theres diffrent gearings and i would like to know what one would be more suited for the ordeal. with that in mind i dont know anyhting about profabs but will it work with my turbo 400 or will i have to swap out something else for it or get and adapter.

The final thing is the engine. Right now i have a 1987 350 chevy Corvette motor in it. It doest have alot of horsepower or torque so i know im gonig to be swapping that out. But im debating on weather to get a 454 big block or get a diesel.

All comments that you guys provide for me would be a great help and i appreciate anyone who gives me suggestions and help tawords my mighty monster mud truck.