1972 VW Beetle/Roadster

What we have here is a 1972 VW Beetle. I have always been into bugs. I kind of fell off the other side of the fence, when I built this one. I have always wanted something different, than most. I am having a ball with this one. The car has a 2x3 tube chassis under it. The engine is a 355 Chevy, with a 350 Turbo behind it. The rearend is 9" Ford, 3.25 gears. It also has ladder bars, with coilover shocks. The car is somewhat designed after a 32 Ford Highboy Roadster. The front suspension is all 32 Ford. I also molded in a 32 Ford dash. The bench seat is out of a Ford Ranger Pickup, narrowed 5", then had new foam, and recovered. There is a 22 gallon fuel cell, where the bug back seat used to be. I really don't need 22 gallons, I just want as much weight over the rearend that I can get. I have been told by many people that street machine, or street rod, just can't be in the same sentence, with Volkswagen. I beg to differ..........

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Love the street beetle looks awsome!!

Cool be nice to cruise by the beach  

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Thanks alot...Not your normal run of the mill

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Oh yeah, that is sweeeeeeet!


I can see the light at the end of the tunnel....Hopefully, it's not a train!

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I really enjoy it    Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

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killer whip, very awsome machine

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very cool car jim, I knew a guy in high school that had a 70 vw with a 440 in it. it ate up corvettes.

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I have a 1968 VW Squareback, kinda like a Vega Wagen, with a blown hemi, going in it............

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My original plans was for a 454. I had that 355 sitting in the shop, and just got to inpatient. Needless, to say.

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I'm A long way from being A VW fan "even though we are restoring A 70 beetle" but I beleive you fell off the right side of the fence on this. VERY awesome ride, great work!!!!!! And now I want to see the Hemi Squareback!!!!!

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I am getting pictures together, so I can post them. I am very early into the build. It is going to be wild.


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i love the car!!!!!!!!!

grant b

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It is an absolute ball. The response has be phenomenal. It is just so different.

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I love it

Cherry Customs

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Something that you just don't see everyday.......

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wow over the top nice , thanks for the comment on my truck

jack smith

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Thanks Jack!!!!

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Hi, that is one badass VW creation....

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Thanks man.............It is alot of fun..........

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really cool VW.

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Wanting spring to get back. Ready to go play!!!!!!!!!!!!

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That's a great looking bug. When i was building my project i wanted something differant. It was my first project and i wasn't sure if i was bitting off more then i could chew!!! I like that you go outside of the box on your builds.  KEEP BUILDING!!!! 

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Thanks!!!!!!!!! I just really like different...... Don't want to see myself coming and going all the time......

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That is a cool looking bug. Convertibles are always nice when you live somewhere warm.

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Thanks alot Jay............It is nice to have the wind in your hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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That is by far the best, and most interesting bug i have ever seen! love it.

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Thanks alot...........It is a fun car.......