v8 vega

My project Vega first start in 8 year

See video

This was the first start of my car in 8 years the last time i drove this car was int o the garage of our house in oklahoma Aug 2001 me my wife and son celebrate he was a baby when i started this project he is now 8 and he is holding the camera...

My Vega front view

Front view of my 72 Vega What a difference a 2 years make. So far on the build Painted the car victory red, installed SBC 383ci, Th350 Ford 8 inch rear posi detroit locker and flowmaster 40 series exhaust. and still going plan  to have it all done Summer 2010. I have replaced front upper and lower valance rear lower valance hood and complete wiring harness by ez wiring it has been fun so far. still have wiring to complete and finishing up the motor install. wheels tires and interior on the list. I have owned the car for almost 10 years.

My Vega Build

The rear of my 72 VEga with the deck lid spoiler sitting on the rear nice

My Vega Build

Me installing the 383ci SBC and TH350 Trans in my dream car

My Vega Build

See video

Here is a video of my engine in the car takin this year

Vega Exhaust Flow Masters Being installed

Here is my Flow Master Tru Dual exhaust Being installed at Sal's Mufflers

My 72 Vega coming home when i was deployed

This photo was takin by my wife when i was in Iraq. She asked a friend of mine to help her out and sgt Page helped out. Thanks buddy Smile

The car before i started the build process

This is the start of a long Journey towards my Vega being doneCry

My 72 Chevy Vega im building from the ground up

Here is my 72 Vega at the Body SHop getting work on a 5 Month body and paint Journey  just befor i deployed to the sandbox

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