military army m35 m35a2 6x6 4x4 camo crew cab

Little history on myself

Never had a true father figure around to help teach me the right and wrong way to work on vehicles.I learned everything I know from breaking something,getting in there try to fix it,Ask people on Forums and communities like this place or watch shows like Gearz.I have learned so much on my own and from real gear head shows.I aquired my driving license with out ever getting behind the wheel until I turned 17YO and went to the range to take the test.First try I flunked by driving like a semi and using my mirrors to backup instead of turning around.Around 19Years old I fell in love with diesel eng


First M35A2 crew cab I built. It used to be a 6x6 truck with a single cab. I added a second cab removed one axel and installed a M105 trailer bed

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