What Are You Workin' On? image | posted by M D Marc

our cj5

small motor in jeep

What Are You Workin' On? image | posted by M D Marc

small block ford in our CJ5


Adding sheet metal

Body repair 1955 willys cj5

Adding sheet metal to cj5

both my jeeps, before i sold the white one

both my jeeps,  the white one i sold, it was a 62 cj5 that was pretty solid.  i performed a soa on it and used revolver shackles with stock springs.  scored over 1k on rti ramps

My 1974 Jeep CJ5

I have been a Jeep guy since my childhood. My dad bought a CJ3B when I was young and I remember my mom's response when he came home with it in tow behind our truck. It had been used by a line crew in the mountains stringing electrical lines and the driver rolled it over the mountain which left the hard top crushed to one side. I am sure that my mom thought it was useless junk, but my dad, my brother and I worked on the jeep and restored it completely. Dad drove it for three years and still sold it for a profit.

1975 cj5

1975  CJ5,  4x4, front  tilt  nose,  360,  8"  lift  plus  and  added 2 "  body lift

    this  arrived  as a  rolling   chassis  and  a  lot  of  boxes ,  this  was  restored/  built    my husband 90%  &   10%  myself


Day 1

First shake down wheeling trip

In the river bed at Desney OK wheeling park. Shakedown trip for our RENAGADE!! She ran great...

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